Thursday, January 7, 2010

Napkin Holder - Porta guardanapo

This pattern was inspired on Jericoacoara's Crochet. All restaurants has one of that to keep the napkins.
You will need:
- 01 Bella - Pingouin Yarns
- 01 hook 2.0mm

Follow the chart below:

Click in the picture to enlarge
Start with 6 chains, more 2 and 3 double crochet; 03 chains an
d 04 double crochet (make more 03 and close the round)
Round 2-8: in the chains, make 02 double crochet and follow with double squares to close the round.
Follow until round 8 and make more 03 rounds with double crochet (don't increase!)

You will repeat the same chat above and stop in the round 8.

Make sleep crochet to join the botton with the top, but let 1/4 of the work open.

Make 40 chains and make with 38 double crochet. Sew making a roll, forming a flower.
Let's crocheting!


Anonymous said...

Hello from Canada, I have been looking for a pattern such as this, it's exactly what I wanted. It's very beautiful, but I am having a problem understanding the written pattern, I'm trying to follow it by the diagram, but would find it much easier to read the pattern. I see you live in Brazil, I'm wondering if you speack Portuguese and would you have this pattern written in Portuguese? if so would you be so kind as to send it to me via my email I truly would appreciate it. Thank you so much
PS. I am Portuguese.

Anonymous said...

Olá! Adorei o seu porta-guardanapos! Obrigada por partilhar a receita e o gráfico! Só para ter a certeza... a parte que fica aberta é cosida juntamente com a flor, de forma a ficar presa, certo? Mais uma vez, obrigada pela partilha.

Cumprimentos daqui de Portugal!


Diane said...

I am too having trouble with this pattern what is more and 03 please explain thank you

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