Monday, December 21, 2009

Cibele's Stitch

Look like knit, but it's crochet!!!

This is a new pattern that I've learned with a friend called Cibele. That's why I'm calling this stitch her name. I've never seen this before, that's why I'm sharing with you. It's very simple and easy to do. You can use this pattern to make shawls, baby coats, blanket, whatever you want.
You will just need is a piece of rigid paper ou small plastic ruler. The height of your paper or
plastic will be the size of your stitch. So, choose thinking about that. In this example, I chose a piece of rigid paper as you can see below:

Now, let's start working. Get your yarn and the appropriate hook and we will start crocheting.
Start with chains. Make chains multiple of 5.

Make 2 more chains and make a single chain.
Now let's start Cibele's Stitch. You will enlarge this stitch and put it on the paper.

Make others loops in single chain and put it all of them on the paper.

Take the stitches away.

Get 5 loops and make 5 single chains. Get more 5 and make more 5 single chains until the end.

In the next round, you make the same as you can see in the picture below:

Follow the others instructions and make the second round.
If you any doubts, I'll be glad to help you.

Let's crocheting!!!


laceandsteam said...

What a lovely and clear tutorial for making broomstick lace without a knitting pin. Thank you for taking the time to take photographs.

Anonymous said...

A yardstick would be perfect for making a baby blanket. I agree with laceandsteam, what a great tutorial on broomstick lace without using a big knitting needle or dowel. Thanks!

uniquegeek said...

Very beautiful, thank you so much for sharing through Ravelry!

Maria del Valle said...

Thanks so much! It's a very clear tutorial!

Merry Christmas!!
Maria del Valle

patriciabc said...

It's so nice this project! Thank u!

Anonymous said...

What a nice idea. Thanks!!
Have yourself a merry little Christmas!

Anonymous said...

Much easier to handle than great big pin Thanks so much

Anonymous said...

Very clear instructions but it has been done many times - google Broomstick Lace

Anonymous said...

I would say a yardstick would be easier to use, as cardboard is flimsy and you want your loops to be uniform. I like to use just pvc piping. Or an actual broomstick! lol But yeah, this 'stitch' has been around longer than you've probably been alive! :)

mecca said...

can you send this to me in pdf format please pics and all at

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