Monday, January 4, 2010

Crochet in Jericoacora

On vacation, I went to Jericoacora, Ceara, Brazil. It is considered one of the ten most exuberant beaches of the planet. It's located at 313 km from Fortaleza (capital of the State of Ceara).
Beside of the beautiful beaches, dunes and all the nature, it is a place that you can see a lot of crochet works. The crochet craftsman are selling in the beach, at hotels lobbies wherever you go. They sell beautiful things and when there is no customer around, they are crocheting. These women are quickly and precise in their work.
Crochet is part of the culture of this State. You can see crochet placemats in the restaurants, hats, bikinis, napkin holders in hotels' tables. It's something to inspire.
Below, some pictures of Jericoacoara's crochet. Soon, I intend to publish some patterns inspired on their works.


mecca said...

what kind of yarn do i use and give me the size of the hooks in american terms. thanks nice work.

Jaz said...

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